MJP offers high-value, start-to-finish construction management services. Our team plans and coordinates resources throughout the life of a construction project. Our success comes from great insight on modern management as well as superior knowledge of design and building process. From beginning to completion, our priorities are to meet client’s requirements in the interest of a functionally and financially viable project.

The construction project management process begins with identification of the client’s requirement, project constraints, resource needs, and establishment of realistic objectives to meet the strategic goals.


 Our CPM services include:

  • Planning and monitoring the schedule throughout the project;
  • Ensuring legal compliance of the permitting, design;
  • Coordination and monitoring of design process;
  • Organizing of tendering process and construction package;
  • Coordination and monitoring of construction process;
  • Coordinating and ensuring legal compliance of the execution of the construction;
  • Monitoring compliance with health & safety requirements;
  • Monitoring the construction quality;
  • Monitoring physical situation of works, real-time measurements, data analyzing and development of specific reports;
  • Interface between contracts, clients and authorities;

Our services -Construction management