MJP provides facilities management solutions to fit the unique needs of your business. Our building design and construction expertise help us provide excellent maintenance services, whether it is regarding construction, electrical service, HVAC, sanitary or fire safety.


Our services are designed to generate the best value through efficiency, cost savings and quality of service. We anticipate and fix a problem before it escalates. Being proactive is of utmost importance for productive operations at any facilities.


What we do:


  • Technical maintenance of systems such as: electrical high current installations, detection, signalling & TVCI systems, hydrant & sprinkler systems.
  • Safety risk assessment and evaluation.
  • Construction services such as: small repairs, reconfiguration and refurbishing of spaces including partitioning, painting, insulations, hydro insulation, flooring, installations.
  • Waste management: operation and maintenance of chemical and biological wastewater treatment stations for industrial sites.

Industrial building with windows and aluminium pipe