Our services - Urban planing


Our Urban Planning services ranges from General urban plans (PUG) to Zonal urban plans (PUZ) and Detailed urban plans (PUD). We work with our clients to understand key issues and concerns in order to create better cities and communities.


All administrative units in Romania must have their own General Urban Plan duly approved. The PUG represents the legal ground for any development action proposed. The PUG includes rules and regulations with respect to urban planning matters that all construction projects must obey.


The Zonal urban plan derives from the need to regulate in terms of technical and legal area. It maintains, expands and diversifies the character of the area. It details the rules of urbanism for the functions listed in the General urban plan.


The Detailed urban plan represents the documentation that ensures the conditions of location, size, and conformation, on a single plot in correlation with predominant function and the immediate vicinity. The PUD has specific rules and is elaborated to deepen the PUG and PUZ.